Karachi, Pakistan – November 3, 2023 – A momentous occasion unfolded at the Karachi office of Climate Forward Pakistan (CFP) when His Excellency Jakob Linulf, the Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan, graced the organization with a visit. The warm welcome extended by the CFP team, in collaboration with the Climate Action Centre (CAC), set the stage for a dynamic and insightful interaction. During the visit, Durlabh Ashok, the Co-Founder of CFP, delivered a comprehensive presentation, providing the Ambassador with an overall understanding of CFP’s vision, mission, goals, and key initiatives and projects.

CFP, established in July 2023, has been on a journey to champion meaningful youth participation in the national climate space in Pakistan. The organization has emerged as an innovative platform pivotal force in advocating for informed advocacy, pioneering innovative projects, and driving innovative solutions to tackle the ever-pressing issue of climate change.

Durlabh Ashok, with passion and eloquence, introduced CFP to Ambassador Linulf. He underscored CFP’s resolute mission to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable practices, and secure a greener future for Pakistan. Ashok highlighted the diverse and talented team at CFP, whose tireless efforts have been instrumental in developing and implementing strategies for a more sustainable Pakistan.

In the presentation, Ashok also shed light on CFP’s ongoing projects, and collaborative initiatives with various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international partners. These projects reflect CFP’s commitment to fostering change at the grassroots level and effecting policy shifts that can significantly impact Pakistan’s environmental landscape.

A standout moment in the presentation was the CFP’s involvement in the upcoming COP28 conference. Ashok enthusiastically shared CFP’s plans for the event, underscoring their dedication to showcasing Pakistan’s commitment to addressing climate change on the global stage.

Ambassador Jakob Linulf was visibly impressed by the remarkable work of CFP. He commended their proactive approach, innovative strategies, and the speed with which they’ve made an impact in the field of climate action. Denmark has a well-established reputation for its sustainability efforts, renewable energy endeavors, and climate-friendly policies, making this visit an important platform for potential collaboration between Denmark and Pakistan in the fight against climate change.

Following Durlabh Ashok’s presentation, Yasir Darya, from the Climate Action Centre (CAC), provided an overview of their organization. Additionally, Lars, joining the meeting virtually, passionately discussed the food forest project in which he is involved with CAC. This collaborative effort showcased the strength of collective action in tackling environmental challenges.

Ambassador Linulf emphasized Denmark’s unwavering commitment to climate action and green diplomacy, highlighting it as a top priority for his country. In this regard, on November 2, 2023, the Royal Danish Embassy and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) jointly hosted a groundbreaking GreenTech event in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan where Durlabh Ashok from CFP was also invited. The GreenTech event brought together experts, government officials, and energy enthusiasts, providing a platform for innovative solutions and cross-cultural collaboration in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy future for Pakistan. 

Ambassador Linulf pledged Denmark’s support in the global fight against the climate crisis. In response, Durlabh Ashok proposed the idea of collaboration between the youth and participants from both Pakistan and Denmark at COP28, an idea which the ambassador warmly welcomed.

In closing, Ambassador Linulf conveyed a powerful message of solidarity to the youth, assuring them that Denmark stands with all those who are dedicated to combating climate change. This visit has undoubtedly strengthened the ties between Denmark and Pakistan in the pursuit of a sustainable and climate-resilient future.

For more information about Climate Forward Pakistan and its initiatives, please visit www.cfpakistan.org

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