Dear Community,

As we stand at the cusp of a new year, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we have collectively undertaken and looking forward with renewed determination and hope. We, the co-founders of Climate Forward Pakistan (CFP) – Durlabh Ashok, Hafiz Jawad Sohail, and Zainab Zahid – extend our heartfelt gratitude for each of you being an indispensable part of our community dedicated to addressing the pressing issues of climate change and environmental challenges in Pakistan.

Our vision for Climate Forward Pakistan is deeply rooted in our beloved nation’s aspiration for a sustainable and resilient future. We envision a Pakistan where children and youth, regardless of their background, play a pivotal role in driving meaningful climate action, fostering intergenerational trust, and leading the charge toward a more environmentally conscious society.

Reflecting on 2023:

The past year has been a testament to the passion and commitment of our community. Together, we achieved significant milestones that brought us closer to our vision.

Building on a rich history of climate leadership and leaving extraordinary footprints in national and global youth and climate spaces, the leadership of CFP has been at the forefront of youth and climate advocacy in Pakistan. Our steadfastness and determination have elevated the status of youth in the national climate landscape, making us a credible and reliable voice in this crucial endeavor.

In just six months since our inception, CFP led discussions in local, national, and global climate spaces, demonstrating the relevance and truthfulness of our leadership’s years-long policy advocacy. As one of the most significant stakeholders, we have successfully elevated the youth’s status on climate change in Pakistan, emerging as a powerful voice for the children and youth of our nation.

Even before completing the incorporation process, we worked tirelessly in our first six months to lay the foundational basis of CFP’s mission statement, emphasizing youth inclusion and meaningful participation in national and international climate decision-making and policy processes. Our unique placement in the youth and climate space sets us apart as the foremost significant stakeholder and powerful voice for the children and youth of Pakistan.

This journey is evident in our collaborations with national and international players, showcasing our commitment to engage and empower the youth of Pakistan meaningfully. Our collective efforts culminated in a remarkable presence on the international stage, particularly at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of Parties, COP28 in Dubai, UAE.

As we enter 2024, our goals are poised to elevate our impact even further:

Legally Registered Entity: We, as CFP leadership, having gained valuable operational experience, are now positioned to make decisions on our legal status and incorporation into national registration to support our future endeavors and international reputation.

Organizational Footprint Expansion: Building on our successes, we aim to expand the scope of our projects and initiatives to ten cities across Pakistan, creating visible and lasting environmental improvements.

Community Engagement: Rooted in true passion and commitment, we will establish CFP as a community-oriented organization, deeply rooted in local communities and grassroots population groups, making their voices heard at national and international levels.

Novel Approaches and Trailblazing Projects: We will launch innovative projects on intergenerational leadership, climate change management, research-based, science-backed advocacy initiatives, and more, forging new collaborations and partnerships.

Capacity Support to National Actors and Stakeholders: Following the motto, With Youth, By Youth, For Youth, and Across Generations, we will forge a pathway towards coordinated efforts and cross-sectoral cooperation, providing capacity and technical support to national endeavors.

Stronger Climate Justice Case: We will ensure more young voices and their inputs are added to international decision-making and climate policies in all development aids, financial instruments, and collaborations supporting national climate endeavors.

National Youth Engagement Dashboard: We will develop and launch a National Youth Engagement Dashboard, showcasing inspiring stories of young people from every corner of Pakistan.

State of Youth Report: Our ambitious plan to launch Pakistan’s first “State of Youth Report” will unfold, providing invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by the youth in climate action.

Where We Stand:

The climate crisis we face demands collective action beyond government plans. In the ever-evolving climate action landscape, CFP stands as a beacon of youth-led initiatives and meaningful change. Our focus areas, spanning education and awareness, advocacy and research, collaboration and community engagement, and intergenerational leadership, form the foundation of our impactful endeavors.

We take immense pride in the strides we’ve taken, the partnerships we’ve forged, and the positive influence we’ve exerted on policy, community, and individual levels.

Your Role in Our Vision:

As a community, your role is pivotal. Your passion, dedication, and active participation continue to shape our collective journey. Together, we are not merely spectators but active contributors to a sustainable and resilient future.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the cause. Here’s to a year filled with progress, purpose, and positive change. May 2024 be the year when our collective efforts yield even greater impact.

With gratitude and optimism,

Durlabh, Jawad and Zainab.

With Youth, By Youth, For Youth, and Across Generations

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    Good work

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