our vision
We envision a future where the energy of Pakistani children and youth is channeled into effective and impactful climate action, forging a pathway toward a sustainable nation.

Climate Forward Pakistan (CFP) is a youth-led organization .

Our aim is mobilize children and youth through various programs and projects that foster awareness, education, advocacy, and action for a resilient future.

What We Do

Sustainable Food

Sustainable food practices in Pakistan are crucial for conserving resources, ensuring food security, and combating climate change. They promote eco-friendly farming, conserve water, and enhance resilience against environmental challenges, securing a healthier future for both people and the planet.

Intergenerational Dialogue

Intergenerational dialogue is vital in Pakistan's climate context, fostering wisdom exchange between generations. It helps address climate challenges, ensuring sustainable practices are passed down, crucial for future generations.

Protecting Our Oceans

Protecting Pakistan's oceans is vital. They provide livelihoods for coastal communities, support biodiversity, and regulate climate. Preserving marine ecosystems is crucial for sustainable fisheries, tourism, and mitigating climate change effects, ensuring a healthier future for both people and nature.

Fighting Global Warming

Fighting global warming is vital for Pakistan. Rising temperatures amplify water scarcity, affect agriculture, and intensify natural disasters. It's crucial for sustainable development, safeguarding livelihoods, and ensuring a stable future for generations.
what people say

The wonderful job that your organization does is truly priceless! I ask everyone who isn’t indifferent to donate and take part!

Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Karachi, PK

Taking part in one of the campaigns was the best thing I have ever done. Please come and join us in making the planet green!

Charles Lavigne

Charles Lavigne

Ontario, Canada

We support your programs 100% and wish to integrate them into European ECO association. Thank you for the ideas and hard work!

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

London, UK

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Countless issues that the oceans are experiencing are the biggest challenge for our organization and for everyone who isn't indifferent. Help us change the situation.

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